Biograph II Productions Testimonials
Lori Wark
Lori Wark has been involved with the Internet since 1995. Working for such companies as Discovery Channel, National Geographic, Colonial Williamsburg, The Jane Goodall Institute and Animal Planet, she has been a coder, writer, producer, audio and video producer and interactive story creator. Her work has always been on the cutting edge resulting in several firsts. Before gaming was commonplace on the Internet, she created an interactive history game. Someone in Time became a showpiece on the Discovery website. Her story on the Dust Bowl incorporated audio recordings of eyewitness accounts. The use of audio was another first for Discovery. She continues to keep up to date on trends in design, content and search engine optimization.

Larry Cox
Larry Cox has over 30 years experience as a software developer but remains current with new programming techniques, API's and tools for multi-browser and multi-platform development.